Industries We Serve

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), UV sterilization is one of the most promising methods for water disinfection. Every industry that is into processing or production can rely on UV Technology for its water, air and surface treatment.

The application of UV system for sterilization of water is found more widely than we can imagine. Sterilized water is a necessity in most industries.

Some of the Industrial segments using our UV System are listed below:
Pharmaceuticals Waste water treatment Paint Industries Dairies
Mineral Water Sugar Syrups Petroleum Industries Poultry
Hospital Vegetable-Fruit Laboratories Soft Drinks
Offshore Platforms Air Purification Swimming pools & Spas Fish Hatcheries
Aqua Culture Food Industries Gelatin Industries Chemical Industries
Power Industries Cosmetic manufacturing Textile Industries Electronics, Semi Conductor
Marine Industries Cooling Towers DM Water System TOC Reduction

UV Water Disinfection System For Industries