UV System Accessories

UV Lamp

Success in sterilization of water depends on the intensity & quality of Ultraviolet rays passing through it; this makes the UV lamp the most vital component of a disinfection unit.

  • The UV lamps used in each unit has different specifications, the length, diameter, power in watts which varies according to the requirement of the industry in which it will be applied
  • We use long life, high output, amalgam lamps, made of soft glass and hard (Quartz) glass in our units.
  • The lamps come with single pin, bi-pin, four pin and mini bi-pin as well.

UV Quartz Sleeves

  • The Quartz sleeve is the glass like tube into which the UV lamp is placed.
  • Quartz sleeves help to insulate the bulb from the cooler water and thus maintain a higher UV output.
  • The glass quartz sleeve allows ultraviolet light to transmit into the water.
  • Quartz sleeves are available in different lengths, thickness and diameter.
  • A sleeve makes periodic cleaning and bulb replacement easier.

Electronic Ballasts

  • Electronic ballasts are standard drivers for low-pressure and amalgam lamps in the water and air purification industry.
  • It helps convert input power to the proper lamp power, saving a significant amount of energy & money.
  • We import ballasts and also manufacture it in-house according to the requirement.
  • Special electronic ballasts can operate two or four lamps reducing the number of ballasts required in a system.
  • We have lamp holders of single pin, bi-pin, mini bi-pin and four pin.
  • We have lamp holders for both T5 and T8 models.

PP Micron Filters

  • Micron Filter Cartridges are used in the pre-UV sterilization stage, basically helping in the removal of moderate amounts of particles from the water that is to be treated.
  • For UV technology to be effective, it is necessary that the water passed over the Quartz sleeve is clear of sediments.
  • We supply two types of Micron Filter Housing; SS is made with 316 Stainless Steel & PP made with high quality Polypropylene.
  • Cartridges are available in different lengths & diameters to suit the needs of different units in different industries.

UV Intensity Monitor With Sensor

  • The Intensity monitor has an LED display with easy-to-use menu options.
  • The monitor displays details about the intensity, temperature & lamp hours.
  • The sensors come with different diameters and varying sensitivity conforming to the power of the UV lamps installed in the unit.
  • The monitor allows you to set alarms that will give you a notification when the intensity or temperature levels go beyond the ideal range. /li>

UV Lamp Holders

We manufacture and Import UV Lamp Holders With and Without Cable of single pin, bi-pin, mini bi-pin and four pin.