Hitech UV ventured into the field of Ultraviolet water disinfection way back in 1984, starting with Teflon based UV systems at a time when the Technology was new to the Indian industry. Within 10 years’ time we started the manufacture of Quartz based UV systems & Micron filters. In another few years we added UV Air Purifiers & Surface sterilizers to our products.

Today, three decades later, we are a leading manufacturer of UV systems in India and are widely recognized across various business verticals all around the globe. Hitech UV offers a complete range of Industrial Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems, which consist of custom-made units that cater to specific needs of individual clientele.

Hitech UV products range from UV Air disinfection units, UV Water disinfection units, UV surface sterilization , Micron filters, Intensity monitors. We manufacture UV Systems for water ranging from a small flow rate of 350 LPH and above according to the clients requirements.

ultraviolet water sterilizer

Industrial UV Systems

Under the leadership of our founder Mr. Vakkachan Chirayath, Hitech Ultraviolet grew from a small manufacturing unit in Mumbai to a business that has impacted organizations across the globe.

He co-ordinates the technical and administration aspects of the company, in accordance with the various Heads of Departments in Manufacturing, Research & Development, Marketing, Accounts and Administration. Our service engineering team comprises of members with significant experience in UV technology. Every step in production is supervised, paying attention to minute details that later become critical for the successful working of the units.

Hitech Ultraviolet functions from its office in a Mumbai suburb, all the administrative activities are conducted from this office. Our manufacturing unit is also situated in an industrial site within Mumbai limits itself.

Industries We Serve

Ultraviolet Violet technology has proven to be one of the most reliable, quick, and cost-effective methods for disinfection. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), UV sterilization is one of the most promising methods for water disinfection. Every industry that is into processing or production can rely on UV Technology for its water, air and surface treatment.


Some of the Industrial segments using our UV System are listed below:


Pharmaceuticals Waste Water Treatment Paint Industries Dairies
Mineral Water Sugar Syrups Petroleum Industries Poultry
Hospital Vegetable-Fruit Laboratories Soft Drinks
Offshore Platforms Air Purification Swimming pools & Spas Fish Hatcheries
Aqua Culture Food Industries Gelatin Industries Chemical Industries
Power Industries Cosmetic manufacturing Textile Industries Electronics, Semi Conductor
Marine Industries Cooling Towers DM Water System TOC Reduction
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