UV Lamps

UV Lamps

We import UV Lamps of different kinds from Light Source & Lightech. They are of different Watts, different lengths, Long life, high output, amalgam lamps, made of soft glass and hard (Quartz) glass with a single pin, bi-pin, four pin and mini bi-pin.

The submersible UV lamps as compared to the UV water sterilization systems’ lamps are used to treat water that is static and still in a closed space. For example, in storage tanks and other water treatment plants, water is just stationary and stored according to a specific capacity. This is the only Chemical-free method to disinfect water in storage tanks.

The UV lamps that are placed in the Stainless Steel reactors or UV chambers are used to treat water that has a flow rate, where water is constantly coming in from the source and after sterilization let out to be used for various processes in the industry. Water bottling plants, farming irrigation systems, kitchen in hotels etc. all have water constantly in use, thus perfect for SS UV sterilizers.

UV Quartz Sleeves

High-quality UV Quartz Sleeves with different diameters, wall thickness, lengths, standard and custom configuration are available with us. They are either one end open or both ends open.

Quartz is one of those few solid materials that are virtually transparent to short-wave ultraviolet.

The Quartz sleeves act like a protective layer and insulation around the UV lamps of the UV Sterilization Systems. Especially when it comes to the water sterilizer units, Quartz Sleeve is the only medium through which water can be exposed to the Ultraviolet rays for its treatment. Running on electricity, the lamps cannot be directly used for the sterilization treatment of water with live current flowing through it, water is a strong conductor of electricity special care needs to be taken with the water sterilization units always.

UV Electronic Ballast

We stock Electronic Ballasts imported from the US. We also manufacture our own Ballasts. They are of 8 W to 320 W and single ballast can be used for illuminating one lamp or two lamps; Ballasts are available for High Output (HO) UV lamps and Amalgam Lamps as well.

A very critical accessory with regards to the UV sterilization system is the Electronic UV ballast; they help to maintain the UV lamps in a good condition according to its ideal lifespan which is around 16,000 burning hours. A common challenge with every electrical device is the possibility of damage when overheated or due to the transfer of more electrical power than its capability.

Ballast designs use advanced electronics to more precisely regulate the current flowing through the electrical circuit. Electronic ballasts are standard drivers for low-pressure and amalgam lamps in the water and air purification industry. They help in converting input power to the proper lamp power, saving a significant amount of energy which ultimately saves money. As it allows only a limited electrical current to pass to the lamp, it avoids overheating of the lamp.

UV Intensity Monitor

UV Intensity Monitor with UV Sensor

  • The UV Intensity monitor has an LED display with easy-to-use menu options.
  • The monitor displays details about the intensity, temperature & lamp hours.
  • The sensors come with different diameters and varying sensitivity conforming to the power of the UV lamps installed in the unit.

The monitor allows you to set alarms that will give you a notification when the intensity or temperature levels go beyond the ideal range.

Sterilization is defined as the complete destruction of all microbial species. Science has not yet found a microorganism that is resistant to the destructive effects of the 254-nm germicidal wavelength. Success in the sterilization of water depends on the intensity & quality of Ultraviolet rays passing through it; this makes the UV lamp the most important component of a water disinfection system. To ensure that the UV lamp is actually performing like it should, it is necessary to keep a tab of its irradiance.

Compression Nut & O Rings

High quality Quartz Sleeves with different diameters, wall thickness, lengths, standard and custom configuration are available with us. They are either one end open or both ends open.

UV Lamp Holders

We manufacture UV Lamp Holders With and Without Cable of single pin, bi-pin, mini bi-pin and four pin.