Generally, we have different machines for Air sterilization and Surface sterilization but with UV room sterilizers we can treat both, the air and the surface of rooms at the same time. Hospitals, especially in-patient rooms are exceedingly infected; the doctors, other staff, visitors and new patients are at a high risk of contracting new infections or illnesses caused by contagious pathogens.

Disinfection of hospital rooms is generally limited to the use of disinfecting solutions used for cleaning the surfaces of rooms but disinfection of air and other objects in the room like the beds, pillows and other furniture is not taken care of.

Ultraviolet Sterilizers are required in any place that is in need of germicidal irradiation which includes laboratories, hotel rooms, patients’ rooms in hospitals etc., but when mounted to the wall in fixed positions these machines have quite a few drawbacks. Most importantly, Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eyes and skin when in direct contact and therefore highly risky to place it permanently in rooms that will be occupied by people. Chances are that the machine could be left switched on by error which would be fatal to the health of anyone entering these rooms. If the area of the room is huge there is a high possibility that a few corners may be left unaffected by the sterilization process of the UV rays from a fixed spot.

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