UV Room Sterilizers



Portable UV Room Sterilizer


Generally, we have different machines for Air sterilization and Surface sterilization but with UV room sterilizers we can treat both, the air and the surface of rooms at the same time. Hospitals, especially in-patient rooms are exceedingly infected; the doctors, other staff, visitors and new patients are at a high risk of contracting new infections or illnesses caused by contagious pathogens.

Disinfection of hospital rooms is generally limited to the use of disinfecting solutions used for cleaning the surfaces of rooms but disinfection of air and other objects in the room like the beds, pillows and other furniture is not taken care of.

Ultraviolet Sterilizers are required in any place that is in need of germicidal irradiation which includes laboratories, hotel rooms, patients’ rooms in hospitals etc., but when mounted to the wall in fixed positions these machines have quite a few drawbacks. Most importantly, Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eyes and skin when in direct contact and therefore highly risky to place it permanently in rooms that will be occupied by people. Chances are that the machine could be left switched on by error which would be fatal to the health of anyone entering these rooms. If the area of the room is huge there is a high possibility that a few corners may be left unaffected by the sterilization process of the UV rays from a fixed spot.

These drawbacks can be solved by using a portable UV Air sterilizers which are compact and lightweight. There is no waste generated and also no additional chemicals are necessary to complete the sterilization process. The sterilizer unit is on wheels, therefore, can be moved to any corner of the room to guarantee sterilization covering the entire area and all the objects placed in the room. It is easy to operate and requires very little training; the operator can also take necessary measures to avoid the possibility of people coming in direct contact with the dangerous UV rays emitted by the machine. The UV lamps replacement can be done effortlessly compared to a fixed unit.

Of Course with the portable UV Room Sterilizers there are a set of rules and instructions that need to be followed to ensure safety:

  • Check the room to clear it of people, animals, and plants.
  • An operator must wear UV protective glasses but should move out of the room as soon as the timer is switched on.
UV System
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SS Micron Filter Housing & Cartridges



Micron Filter


Micron Filters are required in the pre-treatment process of water sterilization depending on the source of water and the industry environment.

  • Micron Filters are used in the pre-UV sterilization stage of the water treatment, essentially helping in the removal of physical impurities and suspended particles.

  • For UV technology to be effective, it is necessary that the water passed over the Quartz sleeve is clear of sediments and other particles that affect its transparency.

  • We manufactureSS Micron Filter Housing made with 316 Stainless Steel and supply different types of PP Micron Filter Housing made of high-quality Polypropylene.

  • Also, we manufacture SS cartridge which has a long life, is washable and reusable. It is available in different diameters and lengths.

  • The types of cartridges we give are Spun, wound, pleated, carbon, ceramic etc.


Micron Filter


SS Cartridges are comparatively better than spun cartridges as it is reusable, it can be easily washed & cleaned using an air compressor. Cartridges are available in different lengths & diameters to suit the needs of different units in different industries. We provide Spun Cartridge, Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge, Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge, Liquid Filter bags etc.

It is ideal to place Micron filters in the order beginning with bigger microns to smaller, this gives better results. Depending completely on the source of the water, these cartridges need to be replaced quite often. For example, if the source is well water or municipal water it makes a huge difference. The particles clog the cartridges after some days or months depending on the quantity of the impurity and you will notice a reduction in the flow rate of water. Replacement of the cartridges at the right time is critical in UV water treatment process.

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UV for Air Handling Unit (AHU)


Airborne diseases are carried by tiny pathogens of bacteria, fungi or viruses that are invisible to the naked eye and easily transmitted. One does not need to have a face-to-face contact or be in the same room as the infected person to be affected by these viruses. According to the WHO the most effective way to prevent in-doors spread of air borne diseases is good ventilation that swaps indoor and outdoor air, with more number of air exchanges per hour. Air conditioned rooms have zero ventilation causing the same infected air to circulate inside the rooms, the bacteria not just remains within the room but also increases. It becomes necessary to control the exchange of air especially in fully air conditioned offices, hotels, gyms, hospitals, malls, theatres, food industries etc.


UV System for Duct


It maintain its purity with methods that can be integrated with the existing set up of centralized Air handling units or HVAC systems. Asthma and allergy sufferers are often sensitive to dust mites, which are unfortunately circulated throughout an HVAC system. Sterilization is defined as the complete destruction of all microbial species. Ultraviolet technology is the only way to ensure bacteria and other viruses don’t grow more and circulate in the room. Science has not yet found a microorganism that is resistant to the destructive effects of the 254-nm (UV-C) germicidal wavelength. UV systems quite literally disinfect the air, reducing not only allergy-triggering particles but also viruses and bacteria.

Features :

  • Designed for centralized AHUs & HVACs
  • Easily customized according to the needs of any existing set up
  • UV lamps are non-ozone producing, UV-C lamps
  • Easy lamp replacement

UV Air Sterilizers are a necessity in food industries, Malls, Theatres, Hotels, especially in conference rooms, guest rooms, lobbies, gym area & as well as the spa. It is ideal for hospitals which have an added responsibility of taking care of the health of the patients, visitors, doctors and other staff at the same time.

UV System
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UV Water Disinfection Systems



UV Water Disinfection System


Our UV Water Disinfection Systems are designed in a way that suits diverse industrial environments. The systems are categorized on the basis of the capacity of water that needs to be sterilized per hour, ranging from 350 LPH and above. We also design customized units according to clients’ requirements.

The UV Radiation chamber is made with SS 316 L with electro-polish which is corrosion resistant, particularly against chlorides and other industrial solvents. Either end of the chamber can be used as the inlet or outlet; both are directed horizontally upwards to ensure that the pressure maintained in the chamber doesn’t exceed the maximum avoiding any chances of breakage in the UV lamps. The control panel mounted on the UV Ballast has LED indicators for each lamp to notify lamp failure and it also has an hour meter to keep a check on the remaining life of the lamp.

The compression nut & lamp holders are easy to use, simplifying the installation and replacement process. These systems are used for water purification in most industries, majorly production of food & beverages, cosmetics, paint industries, hotels, spas, aqua culture, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals etc.

Features :

  • High Quality UV-C Lamps
  • High Transparency Quartz Sleeves resistant to temperature fluctuation
  • UV Radiation Chamber is SS 316 electro-polished, remains unaffected by toxic environments.
  • Compact designs, saving significant amount of space.
  • Long lasting and less power consuming electronic ballasts, saving energy.


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What is UV


UV System


Ultraviolet (UV) light is found occupying the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between X-rays and visible light. The sun emits ultraviolet light; however, much of it is absorbed by the earth’s ozone layer. Just as visible light consists of different colors that become apparent in a rainbow, the UV radiation spectrum is divided into three regions called UVA, UVB and UVC. As sunlight passes through the atmosphere all UVC and most UVB are absorbed by ozone, water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide. UVA is not filtered as significantly by the atmosphere. They differ in their biological activity and the extent to which they can penetrate the skin.

UV-A Wavelength: 315-400 nm. Not absorbed by the ozone layer

UV-B: Wavelength: 280-310 nm. It is mostly absorbed by the ozone layer, but some does reach the Earth’s surface.

UVC: Wavelength: 100-280 nm. It is completely absorbed by the ozone layer and atmosphere.

Short-wavelength UVC is the most damaging type of UV radiation.

A unique characteristic of UV light is that a specific range of its wavelengths, those between 200 and 300 nanometers (billionths of a meter), are categorized as germicidal – meaning they are capable of inactivating microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses and protozoa. This capability has allowed widespread adoption of UV light as an environmentally friendly, chemical-free, and highly effective way to disinfect and safeguard water against harmful microorganisms.


UV System


In this method water flows through the SS Chamber and gets in contact with submerged bank of germicidal lamps housed within quartz Sleeve.

Microorganisms are simple organic structures that readily absorb the UV-C wavelength, causing photo-disassociation (destruction). They are inactivated by UV light as a result of damage to nucleic acids. The high energy associated with short wavelength UV energy, primarily at 254 nm, is absorbed by cellular RNA and DNA. A microbes DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the first to be adversely affected due to its weaker molecular bonds. In hundredths of a second it suffers irreparable damage. The subsequent loss of genetic instructions causes cell death and/or the inability to replicate, rendering them harmless. Continuous exposure causes uninterrupted degradation.

This UV-C light is also produced by electric arcs and specialized lights, such as mercury-vapor lamps.

Ultraviolet v/s Chlorine & Ozone

Methods Ultraviolet Chlorination Ozone
Destruction Physical Chemical Chemical
Capital Cost Low Medium High
Operating Cost Low Medium High
Maintenance Cost Low Medium High
Maintenance Frequency Low Medium High
Disinfection Performance Excellent Very Good Unpredictable
Contact Time 1-5 Seconds 25-45 Minutes 5-10 Minutes
Personal Hazards Low Medium High
Toxic Chemicals No Yes Yes
Water Chemistry Change No Yes Yes
Residual Effect No Yes Yes
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About us

Hitech UV ventured into the field of Ultraviolet water disinfection way back in 1984, starting with Teflon based UV systems at a time when the Technology was new to the Indian industry. Within 10 years’ time we started the manufacture of Quartz based UV systems & Micron filters. In another few years we added UV Air Purifiers & Surface sterilizers to our products.

Today, three decades later, we are a leading manufacturer of UV systems in India and are widely recognized across various business verticals all around the globe. Hitech UV offers a complete range of Industrial Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems, which consist of custom-made units that cater to specific needs of individual clientele.

Hitech UV products range from UV Air disinfection units, UV Water disinfection units, UV surface sterilization , Micron filters, Intensity monitors. We manufacture UV Systems for water ranging from a small flow rate of 350 LPH and above according to the clients requirements.

ultraviolet water sterilizer

Industrial UV Systems

Under the leadership of our founder Mr. Vakkachan Chirayath, Hitech Ultraviolet grew from a small manufacturing unit in Mumbai to a business that has impacted organizations across the globe.

He co-ordinates the technical and administration aspects of the company, in accordance with the various Heads of Departments in Manufacturing, Research & Development, Marketing, Accounts and Administration. Our service engineering team comprises of members with significant experience in UV technology. Every step in production is supervised, paying attention to minute details that later become critical for the successful working of the units.

Hitech Ultraviolet functions from its office in a Mumbai suburb, all the administrative activities are conducted from this office. Our manufacturing unit is also situated in an industrial site within Mumbai limits itself.

Industries We Serve

Ultraviolet Violet technology has proven to be one of the most reliable, quick, and cost-effective methods for disinfection. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), UV sterilization is one of the most promising methods for water disinfection. Every industry that is into processing or production can rely on UV Technology for its water, air and surface treatment.


Some of the Industrial segments using our UV System are listed below:


Pharmaceuticals Waste Water Treatment Paint Industries Dairies
Mineral Water Sugar Syrups Petroleum Industries Poultry
Hospital Vegetable-Fruit Laboratories Soft Drinks
Offshore Platforms Air Purification Swimming pools & Spas Fish Hatcheries
Aqua Culture Food Industries Gelatin Industries Chemical Industries
Power Industries Cosmetic manufacturing Textile Industries Electronics, Semi Conductor
Marine Industries Cooling Towers DM Water System TOC Reduction
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Installed UV System
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Cleaning Process
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