UV for Air Handling Unit (AHU)


Airborne diseases are carried by tiny pathogens of bacteria, fungi or viruses that are invisible to the naked eye and easily transmitted. One does not need to have a face-to-face contact or be in the same room as the infected person to be affected by these viruses. According to the WHO the most effective way to prevent in-doors spread of air borne diseases is good ventilation that swaps indoor and outdoor air, with more number of air exchanges per hour. Air conditioned rooms have zero ventilation causing the same infected air to circulate inside the rooms, the bacteria not just remains within the room but also increases. It becomes necessary to control the exchange of air especially in fully air conditioned offices, hotels, gyms, hospitals, malls, theatres, food industries etc.


UV System for Duct


It maintain its purity with methods that can be integrated with the existing set up of centralized Air handling units or HVAC systems. Asthma and allergy sufferers are often sensitive to dust mites, which are unfortunately circulated throughout an HVAC system. Sterilization is defined as the complete destruction of all microbial species. Ultraviolet technology is the only way to ensure bacteria and other viruses don’t grow more and circulate in the room. Science has not yet found a microorganism that is resistant to the destructive effects of the 254-nm (UV-C) germicidal wavelength. UV systems quite literally disinfect the air, reducing not only allergy-triggering particles but also viruses and bacteria.

Features :

  • Designed for centralized AHUs & HVACs
  • Easily customized according to the needs of any existing set up
  • UV lamps are non-ozone producing, UV-C lamps
  • Easy lamp replacement

UV Air Sterilizers are a necessity in food industries, Malls, Theatres, Hotels, especially in conference rooms, guest rooms, lobbies, gym area & as well as the spa. It is ideal for hospitals which have an added responsibility of taking care of the health of the patients, visitors, doctors and other staff at the same time.

UV System